Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Latest

Couple Jerkbaits made for another Aussie lure maker. This shape is starting to come together, still got issues with density of the PU but working through those. These ones are destined for northern Australia fish, not what they were designed for but a good test none the less. 

Some nice and simple colours. They are 75mm long, thru wired, slow sinkers, handmade eye's and urethane body. These have the eyes which were in the previous post.

While I was at it I put together a couple lures from the two piece mould I am working on. Similarly simple colours as above, 55mm, urethane body, thru wired and handmade eyes.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Shed Update

Been doing a bit of experimenting with various eye styles, the airbrushed ones look good but wanted a bit more flash from my eyes. Came across some metallic paper at a local craft shop while waiting for the missus so gave it a try. Pretty happy with how they came out. These three are silver, red and pearly white. The pearl has flickers of green if you hold it right in the light.

Excuse the boofhead who took the pics, I really got to get myself a photo booth.

Have also been working on my two piece mould. Has taken four moulds to get something which I am happy with, nothing like trial and error to learn things!! Thankfully the silicon is not that expensive. These should give me the strength of PU and decent amount of buoyancy.