Monday, 30 April 2012

A Weekend of Camping and Fishing

Thought I would share a little trip I managed to sneak away for, nothing better than camping and fishing with the mates. Unfortunately for us on this trip, the weather didn't look after us. We managed to make it a couple hours without rain but after that, wet, wet, wet and more wet. Was a shame as this river is something special.

Anyway, the morning started off great, just love this spot,

We managed a couple hours without rain but the fish didn't play the game. After about 3 hours of constant rain and not a single touch we came across a purple patch and finally boated a couple fish. Was great to finally get some to the boat.

By the end of the day everything was pretty much saturated and fogged out. This was the last shot of the day and pretty much summed things up. Great to be out and about though...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Latest from the Shed

Been flat chat since getting back from the barra trip. Lures tested well during the trip, however, got me thinking they could still be better. Have spent the last couple months thinking about and dabbling with molded lures, decided it was time to have a real run at them. Been busy busy testing and destroying.

Have tried multiple types of urethane, multiple molding techniques and destroyed many lures. Below is example of some of the testing, this is the result of about 70Kg hanging from the lure,

Was interesting to see the difference between a couple types urethane, both had the same weight applied but clearly a different result.

Finally settled on a system I am happy with, two piece mold, thru wired to be sure, no microballoons to improve the overall strength of the lure and weighted to be similar to what the equivalent in wood. Hopefully the action is maintained, hence the next step,

Made these for paint and swim testing. Also going to try a "clear" type lure which would be good to have available. Will be interesting to see how they go.

In the meantime have been working on a couple wood lures for a "swap" on a local forum. Same as normal but this time tried a different sealing method, I normally vacuum seal with prop but this time tried sealing with e-tex. Happy with the result in the end,

These are thru wired, weighted for slow float and will dive to about 1m.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gotta love Bass fishing with spots like these

Came across this video while surfing around, a fantastic insight into Bass fishing some of the areas local to me. Not the biggest bass known to man but that doesn't really matter when the location is as beautiful as this. Never met the guys that have made this video but they have done a super job. Enjoy,


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Some interesting Viewing

Was trolling around this afternoon and came across this vid. Very interesting, no idea what is being said but certainly gives some insight in what goes into daiwa stuff. Worth the hour,